Thursday, August 6, 2015

Amazing UpViral Bonus Package Goes Live - Hot Zone Survival Kit

UpViral is the newest viral referral marketing software that allows you to add a viral referral program to your website and create an ARMY of people DESPARATE to promote YOUR product all over the world!

Internet Marketing Ninja Devin Dorosh has put together an UpViral review( and bonus package for you that is going to blow you away.  You don't want to miss his Hot Zone Survival Kit.  Check out this Video on Youtube.

Hot Zone Suvival Kit:

Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to Secret Republic Mastermind
Bonus #2: Done For You Email Opt-in Templates and Trip Wires
Bonus #3: 51 Attention Grabbing Headlines
Bonus #4: UpViral Quick Start Guide
Bonus #5: eBook Library – The Viral Marketing Effect, Email Nuts & Bolts, Million $$ Copywriting Secrets
Bonus #6: Website Traffic 101 Video Series
Bonus #7: Affiliate Authority Training Course
Bonus #8: Launch a Digital Products Business Training Course
Bonus #9: Lead Generation Mastery Training Course
Bonus #10: UberOptin and OptinPop! WordPress Plugins

For the best UpViral bonus be sure to check it out here!

Devin Dorosh


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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What is Referral Marketing - UpViral Review and Bonus

marketing is a powerful tool than can blow your business up in a short period of time.  Because it harnesses the power of person-to-person marketing and incentivizes people to refer your product to people they know, you get new customers at essentially no cost to you.  Customers can earn incentives when their friends sign-up or buy, and you only deliver those prizes if they deliver for you…it’s a WIN-WIN.


Viral referral marketing is what has made companies like Dropbox,  Dollar Shave Club, and Plated grow so fast.


In a minute I’ll tell you about an awesome software as a service (SaaS) application called UpViral and tell you where you can check out an UpViral Review and Bonus that will knock your socks off…but first lets talk about what makes viral referral marketing so great.


There are three main ingredients that make viral marketing so powerful: targeting, trust, and viral reach.


Getting your message in front of the right people at the right time.  Generally, with referral marketing people know their friends and network well enough to know that they will benefit from your product or service.


People buy from people they know. No one can argue with that.  With referral marketing, the promotion is coming from someone the customer already knows, such as one of their friends or social connections.

Viral Reach

Traditional marketing techniques, limit customer reach due to your budget and geographic location.  The internet has all but made old marketing methods obsolete.  With a simple Twitter tweet, Instagram( selfie, or Facebook post, people can now reach hundreds, if not thousands of connections (who trust their opinions) in a matter of seconds.  From there, the viral potential of a message exploding overnight is insane.


So now that you understand the potential of viral referral marketing( may also be of interest)…how do you tap into its power?


With just a click of a button, you can integrate contests into your existing offers. There are many applications out there to assist you with your viral referral marketing campaign.  I came across a product called UpViral that has a clean, east-to-use interface and gives you the option of integrating with your existing set-up or allows you to use the built-in templates to make it a one-stop-shop.  Check out this UpViral Review to get more information and claim an awesome bonus with your purchase.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Recommendations to find the Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier - Rooftop Cargo Carrier Rental - Rooftop Cargo Carrier Review

Looking to rent a rooftop cargo carrier in the near future, but not sure which kind you really want?  Here are some great rooftop carrier tips the guys at Rentluggage believe every traveler should know when considering a rooftop cargo carrier. We think their rooftop carrier tips are some the best out there. Give them a read and then check Rentluggage out. Their team is always excited to help.

1. Save $$$. Renting a car top carrier is only a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new carrier.

2. Save time. Rentluggage will ship your rooftop cargo carrier( rental right to you.  They offer Free Return Shipping on all orders. No need to stand in line and check out. A few quick clicks and your order is placed.

3. Convenience.  Rentluggage saves you from the shopping groups. With their convenient, easy-to-use website, there is no reason to leave your home to sign up for their services.

4. Save storage space.  You save precious space in your basement with their car top carrier rental.  When you’re done simply ship it back with the Rentluggage Free Return Shipping. No need to waste closet space.

5. Be Green.  You can help good ol’ mother earth. With Rentluggage services, you only use what you need. No extra bags are manufactured to only be used on rare occasions.

6. Try Something New.  Variety is the spice of life.  Have you rented a rooftop carrier before?  With the different models offered by Rentluggage, you can try a different rooftop cargo carrier and find the one you prefer.

7. Money in Your Pocket = Good!  Did we mention you save dollar bills with Rentluggage services? See Reason 1.

8. People are Busy.  Did we mention you save time with Rentluggage services? See Reason 2.

9. Easy to Set Up.  Attaches to your vehicle in seconds. Rentluggage has easy to follow set-up videos on their website that show just how easily a car top carrier attaches to your vehicle.  They hand-selected rooftop carriers that are easy to use.  You have enough to worry about…the guys at Rentluggage want to make your life as simple as possible.

10. Extend Your Vacation.  You work hard and you deserve a break.  With the money you save from renting, why not indulge a little and extend your trip to do even more exciting things with friends and family.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stop Throwing Away Money on a New Rooftop Carrier and Use Rentluggage to Rent One

There’s a lot of talk in the travel community over one of the newest travel accessories: the Rentluggage Rental Car Carrier.  What makes this rooftop carrier so great?  Why do you need to get one?

It’s 7:59 am, you’ve spent the better part of your weekend practically drooling over that fun upcoming road trip to get away from it all. And if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to hit the open road and spend some time with family or friends. 

You’ve been thinking about this road trip for weeks. The crisp fresh air down to the exact turns in the road as you travel, it will be an action packed trip. Like Beethoven’s 5th, your memory will soak up priceless enjoyable moments.

Now, picture starting to pack up your car. You pop the car truck open and place heavy piece of luggage right in. It has begun. You run inside to grab more luggage and over time only come to realize you don’t have enough space. You need an expensive rooftop car carrier for this great adventure.

Lack of Space:1 Man: 0.

Frustration is an understatement. That perfect road trip that once consumed your every thought has just been conquered by your overfilled car. If only there was a way to keep this from ever happening again...What if I told you there was a way? What if I told you that you could achieve perfectly packed car at an inexpensive rate? What if I could offer you a better result?

Enter...the rental rooftop carrier. Wait, how can I rent a car carrier?

Our Rental Rooftop carriers are:

  • Versatile - Works with any type of car: compact no rack on top, mid-size side roof rails on top, or SUV cross rail rack system on top.  
  • Flexible - Perfect for any trip, outing, adventure or big move.  Better than a rental truck, it can be mailed back when done and only a fraction of the cost.
  • Disposable when done – Mail back on us so you don’t have to store it.

One of the hottest rentals on the web, Rentluggage Rental Car Carriers makes the perfect companion for your trip.  So what separates Rentluggage from the rest?  Quality, service, and a delivery guarantee.  Rentluggage also stands behind their rental product with incredible customer service and a 100% Delivery Money-Back Guarantee.  Change the way you travel and NEVER deal with overcrowded car, expensive car carrier, or the hassle of packing a car again!  Rescue yourself from another frustrated summer trip and wasting money.  Check out the Rentluggage Rental Cargo Carriers and save 10% off your rental purchase on our site.

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